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12:21 am
27 May 2024

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies for 2019

Since many newcoming website publishers are looking forward to realizing the websites of their dreams, hosting companies have evolved rapidly into offering solutions to all the technical issues concerning them. Instead of the previous tendency of simply providing a good service, nowadays this is simply not enough. This is why many of those companies are focused on providing as much value as they are capable of to customers, without loosing focus on providing a decent uptime service. We have decided to show you the best players to which you should focus when you choose your hosting provider.

1. 1&1 Web Hosting

The player on the marked with possibly the largest number of servers spread on a global scale 1&1 is possibly a hosting service which you may have already heard of if you are looking for such services. The company is almost everywhere and is striving to be even more accessible and provide more features, like:

  • Site creation tools.
  • Solid website support.
  • Impressive website uptime.
  • WordPress support.

And not only this, but 1&1 is also attempting to remain affordable while doing so. Being with almost 100% uptime, the company remains as one of the best choices for web hosting in the market.

Official Website

2. HostGator Web Hosting

Known primarily because of the reliability packages it offers, HostGator is a compnay that is specifically oriented towards startups, because it has very well-designed plans for the webmasters who are entering the segment for the first time.

The company offers many features as well, such as:

  • 45 day money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 tech support team.
  • Free website building tool with over 4000 templates.
  • Free user friendly control panel for your website.
  • Unlimited number of e-mail addresses which you can create.

Official Website

3. InMotion Web Hosting

The force competence of this well-known company is that it offers a lot of features to it’s customers in comparison to the competition. And it’s not just a sheer number too – the features are very attractive to both beginner and advanced hosting users too. Among the features offered are important ones and new ones such as:

  • Free SSD drives for all the hosting plans.
  • FREE domain hosting opportunities.
  • 90 day guarantee.
  • Free backup services.
  • 1 click installer for applications.
  • Choosing your data center based on your location for faster connection (Closest).
  • Integration of Google Applications.
  • SSH.
  • Multiple coding languages.

Official Website

4. DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost is a hosting provider that aims to provide service which is high quality on a low price. By this simple strategy the company has achieved many new customers with time, but unfortunately it is not as beginner friendly, however if you understand website administration and are a beginner website publisher, you will definitely benefit from this service. Here are some of the features offered by DreamHost:

  • SSL encryption for free.
  • Only SSD storage used.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Official Website

5. GoDaddy Web Hosting

This is most likely the hosting company you have heard of first, since it is basically advertised very well. And for a good reason too. The company offers a solid hosting uptime and stable performance. It also has an excellent customer service as well as flexible site-creation tools. And the best part of all is that this is available at the price of $1.00

  • 1 click insall of apps.
  • 1GB SQL database storage (Linux).
  • User friendly experience.
  • The best customer support from all the competition.
  • DdoS protecton.


6. Bluehost Web Hosting

Being one of the services with the most uptime, Bluehost surely should be on your radar, if you are interested in finding a hosting provider for the first time. The service has one of the most user-friendly interface which allow you to make the most out of your new website. And while it lacks some features which the competition has, Bluehost’s features are definitely attractive enough:

  • Easy WordPress site creation (1-click installation).
  • 24/7 trained tech support.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • $150 worth of offers from third-party services that help expand your website, which is very flexible.

Official Site

7. Hostwinds Web Hosting

Offering a ruggedly stable hosting service which incudes all the necessary tools used to create a user-friendly site, this service is one of the top choices to use, offring numerous new features such as:

  • Automatic installation.
  • Scheduled backup during the night.
  • Unmetered bandwith.
  • Unlimited Disk Space.

Official Website

Provided the price of the service, it’s tech support and other types of services it offers especially for Businesses (Dedicated, PHP, 99.99% uptime), it is a very attractive service that is one of the best out there.

8. A2 Web Hosting

Being aligned as one of the fastest web hosting companies in the world, the A2 Web Hosting service offers quality service even if you own a high-traffic business website. The range of functions and features offered by A2 are also not to be disregarded, because they offer flexibility and customization, based on your preferences:

  • Server administration.
  • Security and isolation.
  • Server management.
  • WordPress, Joomla and Drupal customization.
  • User-Friendly Interface.

Official Website

9. LiquidWeb Hosting

Being the most expensive service when we compare prices, Liquid Web is better than the competition in terms of the sheer number of features, it’s advanced customer service and VPS hosting packages it offers. The company also offers great tutorials and support for beginner users, so that you can feel in safe hands when you have chosen their service. The features it offers are high-quality and support different preferences:

  • Over 10 CMS site creation and management software.
  • Linux and Windows support.
  • 10 TB of data transfer.
  • SSD drive spaces.
  • Poweful CPU power.

Official Website

10. Arvixe Web Hosting

Being a company with multiple hosting packages, the company is not as good as the best in the segment, but this does not mean that it should not be of your choice. It has elite hosting transfer speeds, supports multiple operating systems and is reliable in terms of uptime. Also, it offers supreme features, like:

  • Very well-developed website creation tools.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • Unlimited e-mails.
  • Unlimited domains.
  • A lot of hosting plans, suitable for different needs.

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