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05:10 am
18 April 2024

About Us

cfoc_logoWe are an online security guide providing useful information about threats (parasites and viruses) and malicious software that may infiltrate the system while PC users are performing their everyday browsing activities. Cfoc helps PC users prevent online security-related risks.

The online user is in control of the Web as long as the tools and systems he uses operate properly. Unfortunately, Internet is now cluttered with threats that take away the user’s control by infecting his machine, stealing sensitive data, redirecting him to unwanted webpages, blocking his files, demanding payments, spying on his browsing activities, and what not.
Cyber criminals are advancing quickly in developing thousands of viruses, targeting your machine and information. You must, therefore, act just as quickly to protect your PC adequately.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to keep your PC safe. Being informed is all you need. provides an antidote to your troubles: As an online security guide, it keeps you informed on trending threats, so you can stay up-to-date with the dangers out there, on the Web.
Our security experts spend their time researching current threats, what they do and how they infect your system. They provide details on how to get rid of them and give you tips on how to avoid future encounters with them.
Be in control. Stay informed.

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