New Facebook Scam Promises Millions to Floyd Mayweather Fans

New Facebook Scam Promises Millions to Floyd Mayweather Fans

A new Facebook scam entices users to like, comment and share a page that supposedly belongs to the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The author behind the MayweatherHQ profile, who has no affiliation to the boxer, advertises that he is giving away large sums of money to random fans.

Likes for Millions

One of the recent posts on the fake profile informs users that the boxer is giving away $ 10million to 10 000 fans. The generosity of the impersonator is supported by a picture of a coffee table made out of dollar bills.

All the fans need to do in order to become eligible for the donation is like share or comment on the Facebook page. No third-party links, no visiting questionable web pages! The whole scheme brings no harm to the user, however, it helps the cyber crook increase the popularity of the profile, which can then be sold to interested third parties for a variety of purposes. The endeavor is called like-farming, and the websites are being sold with all the information they contain, including usernames, comments, etc.

The Donation Goes to…

The first post on the MayweatherHQ profile is dated this Tuesday. To make the whole scam more credible, the author of the page even posted congratulatory messages addressing the winners in the campaign. For example, the little Emily Meyers, who allegedly won 1 million dollars, which will be used for her open heart surgery and a donation to the St. Jude’s Hospital.

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