VaultCrypt Takes Advantage of the Non-Proprietary Software GnuPG

VaultCrypt Takes Advantage of the Non-Proprietary Software GnuPG

The VaultCrypt is one of the ransomware threats that have begun to rely heavily on free codes to encrypt data on the victim’s computer. Such code is the GnuPG privacy software.

GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard, also known as GPG) is a tool used to encrypt your data, and it includes its own key management system. In fact, the philosophy behind GNU is exactly that – to produce and offer non-proprietary software. Users are simply free to download and modify GNU software in any way they want.

Some systems such as Linux rely heavily on GNU, and apparently, cybercriminals too.

The VaultCrypt uses GnuPG to encrypt files quite effectively and although it’s not as complex as its siblings CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, it is just as dangerous as in addition to using free codes, VaultCrypt also uses Windows batch files and a sophisticated payment site.

The ransomware originated in Russia, but it’s quickly spreading to English-speaking countries despite the fact it’s not fully ready to target these countries just yet.

VaultCrypt does not stop at encrypting your data like a typical ransomware. It continues with downloading additional malware solely to collect your login data from websites you have visited.

And, although there is a possibility to safely decrypt your files as VaultCrypt leaves an open door for file recovery, the process is not guaranteed.

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