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12:18 am
04 February 2023

Ai88 Ransomware – How to Remove and Restore Files (2019)

Ai88 Ransomware is a typical example of ransomware specifically designed to steal money from its victims. Malware experts advise to remove the malicious program instead of following the instructions and transferring the demanded fee.

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How Does Ai88 Ransomware Work?

Cyber criminals use ransomware to infect users’ computers, lock their files, and demand payment in order to provide a decryption key.
Ai88 Ransomware is no exception. Once in your system, it will encrypt your files so you will have no access to them. In order to look legitimate, Ai88 Ransomware will be disguised as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and will display a message warning you that you have violated a copyrighted service such as unauthorized adult content, for example.

In order to fix the problem you will have to pay a fee and only then you will be granted access to your files. The message also provides instructions on how to make the payment: you need to go to Wal-Mart and transfer the money via MoneyPak or Greendot.
Unexperienced users could easily be scared into making the payment, but that will not fix the problem. The cyber criminals behind the infection will collect the money from you, but Ai88 Ransomware will remain in your system and may display the same message again and again, demanding more money from you.

How Does Ai88 Ransomware Enter Your PC?

In most cases, ransomware such as Ai88 Ransomware enter your PC automatically when you visit an infected website or malicious website. That is why it’s important to watch out what websites you visit and what links you open.

What to Do If Ai88 Ransomware Is Already in Your PC

As explained above, making the payment as instructed will do no good to you and your system. Ai88 Ransomware will remain on your PC and might lock your files again. That is why the only solution is to remove the ransomware from your system completely. You can do that with a trustworthy anti-malware tool that will fully scan your computer, detect all the malicious pieces and remove them permanently.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information.

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