Remove Browser Redirect “Virus”

This article has been created to help you remove the browser hijacker from your computer completely and protect it from such unwanted software in the future as well.

A new browser hijacking software has been reported by affected people on a global scale. The hijacker aims to change the settings on your web browser and set as a default site that keeps appearing on the web browser of the affected computers. In addition to this, the suspicious software may also begin to perform other activities, like display advertisements, collect important data and other information. If you have become a victim of this suspicious software, we advise reading this post to learn more about it plus how to remove it fully.

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Threat Name
Category Potentially Unwanted Program.
Main Activity Slithers onto your computer and displays a lot of third-party advertisements which may even infect your PC with malware.
Signs of Presence Slow PC, changed browser settings, a lot of different advertisements.
Spread Via bundling installers with it’s files or other adware.

What Does Do?

The pop-up displays a bogus message informing users that their system has been infected. It offers users to call a hotline that will help them with removing the threat. This is a paid service, of course. This so-called service will also require you to prepay, and they will keep you on the phone for ages, claiming that you have more and more viruses. There is really no point in calling as this is just a ploy to get you to pay for a fake service. Calling the technical service hotline will not solve any problems you have with your computer. What is more, the people that run the hotline may try to perform some other scam while you are on the line. And of course, to pay, you will have to disclose personal and financial data. And as it will be criminals that you will be sharing with, there is no telling what they will do with the information in the future.
is developed to serve sponsoring third parties by generating traffic and sales for them. The way this is done, however, is not at the best interest of the user.

Once enters your system, it will slow down your Internet connection and your browser may start crashing. In addition, it may start generating multiple pop-ups advertising various product discounts that you will not be able to shut down. In fact, clicking them may redirect you to malicious websites that could further infect your system.

Ad-supported programs like are usually capable of “spying” on the users’ activities. They monitor their browsing routine and collect that information along with some personal data. They may share it with the sponsoring third parties in order to help them personalize the ads and display products and services the users have previously searched for.

The problem, however, is that the collected personal data may fall into the hands of cyber criminals (accidentally or not), thus exposing your system to greater threats.

How to Get Rid of Pop-Up?

To stop the pop-up from appearing, you must remove the program that is generated by it. Go to the list of programs on your PC via Control Panel. Then, locate any unfamiliar programs and uninstall them. Unfortunately, this does not do the trick every time. This is why it is recommended that you acquire a reliable anti-malware tool. This will not only remove all intruders that are currently on your computer, but it will also protect it against attacks in the future. This single and simple investment will save you a heap of trouble that may arise if your system is infected. With a security program on your PC, you can be certain that your data is safe.

Booting in Safe Mode

For Windows:
1) Hold Windows Key and R
2) A run Window will appear, in it type “msconfig” and hit Enter
3) After the Window appears go to the Boot tab and select Safe Boot

Cut out in Task Manager

1) Press CTRL+ESC+SHIFT at the same time.
2) Locate the “Processes” tab.
3) Locate the malicious process of , and end it’s task by right-clicking on it and clicking on “End Process”

Eliminate ‘s Malicious Registries

For most Windows variants:
1) Hold Windows Button and R.
2) In the “Run” box type “Regedit” and hit “Enter”.
3) Hold CTRL+F keys and type or the file name of the malicious executable of the virus which is usually located in %AppData%, %Temp%, %Local%, %Roaming% or %SystemDrive%.
4) After having located malicious registry objects, some of which are usually in the Run and RunOnce subkeys delete them ermanently and restart your computer. Here is how to find and delete keys for different versions.
For Windows 7: Open the Start Menu and in the search type and type regedit –> Open it. –> Hold CTRL + F buttons –> Type Virus in the search field.
Win 8/10 users: Start Button –> Choose Run –> type regedit –> Hit Enter -> Press CTRL + F buttons. Type in the search field.

Automatic Removal of

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information/SpyHunter Uninstall Instructions