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06:05 am
20 July 2024

Microsoft Changes Its Update Strategy to Make Windows 10 Safer

Microsoft Changes Its Update Strategy to Make Windows 10 Safer

Microsoft have decided to begin releasing the new security patches as soon as they are ready, instead of the old Patch Tuesday strategy. The objective of this plan is to faster improve the OS`s security bugs which may arise in time and to be more flexible in doing so, since with the old strategy it is possible for newly arisen security bugs to accumulate over the week, making the users vulnerable to attacks.

Is Windows 10 Safe?

The good news is that when tested, Microsoft`s newest OS gives high scores in stability. It also exceeds in the fact that it is not a heavy OS. However, some experts claim that it is an ever-changing beta version of an incomplete OS with flaws waiting to appear with time.

Luckily, with the millions of loyal users out there hopefully It will take really short time to find such security bugs in the layers of code and make Windows 10 the safest version to ever come out on the market.

A good example, regarding safety could be the bug that was reported to grand the attacker full access to the system by modifying a single ‘dead’ bit of the code, as security expert Udi Yavo claims. Microsoft fixed this bug in the testing phase of the development of the OS. However, no one can say for sure, that others are still in there waiting to be discovered by sinister individuals.

Also, there is a risk of providing the users with a bad patch that has errors in the code which could potentially prove to be disastrous, but this would be a one-time event if it happens.

The Good News About Security

Of course it is not difficult to point out the potential flaws that could occur with this OS, given in consideration that experts find dead code that has been in all of Windows versions for over 15 years. Nonetheless, it is also important to know about the new security features that Windows 10 implements since they make it much safer in comparison to their older operation systems.

One of those is that Microsoft have paid attention to the importance of Phishing and Identity protection, providing their newest OS with several levels of protection for such attacks that is built in the OS’s code. An example is the prompt for programs’ certificates before their installation, ensuring the authenticity of the content. Also, there is the impressive feature of monitoring Windows 10 systems live within a workplace network, along with alerts in case a system is compromised.

There is also a prioritization, regarding the receiving of the updates between devices. Of course, all of the security features of Windows 10 that make it innovative and competitive may raise some issues. Users should not panic because Microsoft security experts are working constantly on fixing them. As soon as a bug is found you can be sure that the update will go into your PC once the Microsoft team has finished it.

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