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02 June 2023

The Best Browsers in 2015

The Best Browsers in 2015

Users are always looking for the browser with the best characteristics in order to ensure their flawless browsing experience. しかしながら, it’s hard to determine what the fastest and most secure web browser is as many features have to be taken into consideration.

The “best” browser is such that meets our needs and naturally these of our device. Some of the most commonly used browsers are the Chrome browser from Google, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefoxの, オペラ, 等. All browsers are free, and one can use one or several of them at the same time depending on their needs. This practice is suitable for online banking and data sensitive sites, 例えば.

Six of the most popular browsers have been recently reviewed and tested for speed, interface, security and added features. Here’s what’s been found:

Chrome Browser by Google

  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Chrome is the Google’s browser and since its release it’s been very well positioned and accepted by the users due to its reputation of providing an excellent browser experience. Chrome is known for its plenty of apps and features, high speed, elegant design and a high level of security, which is why it is the most widely used browser today.

Google Chrome browser is supported by Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Mozilla Firefox v35

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  • Best Price
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

Firefox has always been liked by the users, yet some of the past versions have disappointed them due to slow performance. The new versions, しかしながら, come with great improvements.

Firefox browser is run by Mozilla Foundation, and it allows a video chat with all users, even if they are not using Firefox browser.

Firefox managed to improve its pop-up blocker, its interface with tabs, and its built-in RSS reader. It has an excellent privacy mode. It further features many extensions and security features in order to protect the user from spyware and malware, from phishing sites and emails. Firefox browser is very easy to use and could be downloaded, installed and run along with other existing browsers. It supports all Windows versions from Windows 98 to XP and also Vista, Apple Max Os X and versions of Red Hat Linux 8.0 and Linux. It also has a version suitable for some of the mobile devices.

Internet Explorer 11

  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

The new version of Internet Explorer has a clean design, great performance, and better security features. It comes with major improvements as well, including upgraded tracking protection, better-tabbed browsing, plus zoom function. The plug-ins come in an impressive range as well.

Internet Explorer supports Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) – Vista compatible and Mac. It is available on a tablet, web, Windows phone and other devices as well.

Opera v27

  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 3 ½ out of 5

Opera browser is fast and provides a great option for those that do not want all their activities to be part of the Google universe. This web browser comes from Norway and behaves very well among its competitors. It has unique features, including using Opera with your voice. The navigation with the mouse forward and back is also very easy. The browser has many widgets, various extensions, progress bar, and easy file share. The security of the browser has been improved, providing stable and safer experience while surfing.

Opera supports Windows and Solaris, Intel and Mac OS, QNX, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS. The browser is available for tablet and PC, for Mac and Blackberry, for iPad and Windows phone, for Kindle Fire, 等.


  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 3 out of 5

Dooble is known for its safety-first approach. 実際には, Dooble is among the best-secured browsers, with a Chromium-based multi-platform. On its default version, it can disable insecure interfaces including Javascript and Flash, and it might be difficult to use with many websites.

The browser is for those users who wish to browse incognito and allows enforcement of the HTTPS and blocking of the third party session cookies. When the user works with that browser, he can apply different ciphers and passphrases to encrypt the bookmarks, the browsing history, and preferences. Private browsing is possible to be set for each tab with the right-click option.


  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 2 out of 5

Avant is a great alternative to Internet Explorer, yet difficult to recommend over the original.


  • RRP: 自由
  • Best Price
  • Rating: 2 out of 5

The web browser Safari is developed by Apple and even if it’s not that popular it comes with a nice interface and many extensions. With Safari browser, the sending of web pages and email links is very easy, and the history function is quite helpful as well, especially if the user cannot remember the URL but remembers the design.

しかしながら, Safari web browser has limited customization features and would benefit from further development. It can work on Macs and Windows, as well as on other applications like iPad, iPod, iPhone, iOS 7, PCs, Tablets and Android devices. 実際には, it is believed that the best browser for Mac and IOS users is Safari.

One or Many?

Not every website is compatible with every browser, which is why users have options to use more than one browser depending on their needs.

そう, regardless of which new browser you choose to install, do not uninstall the old browser you already have as you do not know when you are about to need it again. The numerous browsers installed on the computer are not a problem at all in case you have enough disc space.

Security First: Top 5 Secure Browsers

All browsers today claim that they are secure. Since people now use their mobile devices very often and their devices run under different conditions, the security features have transformed in terms of URL filtering, ‘do not track’ option and download protection. In that sense, all browsers today are secure. That is why the specialized security products are now focused on the privacy of the user and giving back the control in the hands of the user. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all have privacy mode that could be fine-tuned.

The top secure browsers for 2015 to be presented here go the extra mile and get rid of the features that are not essential for a flawless browsing experience. These browsers focused on the privacy require certain compromises, and they are not for everyone.


Epic Privacy browser is based on Chromium and in order to maximize the privacy, it gets rid of all conceivable features. The users often say that Epic reminds of using a minimalist version of Chrome by Google. With Epic, all cookies and trackers are erased after each session, and all searches are done through a secure server, so there is no chance for a certain search to be connected to a certain IP address.

The Epic browser also makes attempts to give priority to the SSL connections when possible, which is very useful for the open Wi-Fi connections. The browser has a fantastic built-in ad blocking system and does not collect data about the users.

The Epic browser allows a fully-encrypted connection through a one button proxy feature. The only downside of the browser is the lack of anti-phishing and malware protection.

Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon

The Dragon secure browser by Comodo has been improved and now comes in two versions – Dragon (for Chromium) and Ice Dragon (for Firefox) – which are remixed versions of the browsers we all know with new features added, and others removed. The versions of this Comodo secure browser aim to keep compatibility with plug-ins, favorites, and stored passwords.

Among the main features is an option to choose Secure DNS servers, which provides privacy and security compared to the user who is willing to bypass their ISP infrastructure. Another important feature is the virtualized mode of the browser that can isolate it from the host system. This free feature requires an installation of the free Comodo Internet Security anti-virus software. Comodo browser has a Site inspector, which is a system for filtering URLs that are suspect.

As Comodo has been made as parallel to Firefox and Chrome, minus the tracking and plus several security layers, it is not minimalist at all compared to Epic.


Tor browser is based on a solid infrastructure of hidden relay servers. It is constructed atop a modified Firefox and can be installed on Mac, Linux and Windows PCs, as well as on a USB device. Tor is an advanced privacy browser, and it blocks plug-ins and has no anti-malware protection.

Tor browser is designed to keep the user anonymous within certain constraints including the requirement to use only HTTPS connections. The browser comes with a list of things that are allowed or not, including download and opening of certain documents that need external applications. Users should remember that Tor is rather used as a privacy browser and not a secure one.

The downside of Tor is the slow performance and the lack of full privacy, which might sound suspicious for the other users.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

This is a brand new type of browser that is compatible with HTML-5. It originates from China and is designed for both PCs and mobile devices. It has features that are often enabled in other browsers through plug-ins. It gets protection from AdBlock Plus with the Acceptable Ads technology that encrypts files in the cloud services.

The downside is that it is unclear whether this browser has features like download protection, which are otherwise standard at the other browsers.

HTTPS Everywhere

HPPTS Everywhere is a browser plug-in rather than a browser itself. It is a Tor /EFF project which enforces the SSL security when possible in Firefox, クロム, and Opera. The aim is to make the browsing simpler.

Its downside is that it is yet another plug-in though very useful. 実際には, it is ideal for the café surfers.

Based on all the information so far, which browser would you choose for your next web browsing session?

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