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21 9月 2023

OwnCloud Offers Enterprises Flexibility with New Encryption Framework

OwnCloud Offers Enterprises Flexibility with New Encryption Framework

Companies can now swap encryption standards when they wish

In this day and age cyber security is of the upmost importance. Especially when it comes to cloud services. Last year there was a big scandal regarding the leaks of iCloud leaks. Cloud services are trying to make sure that the data stored on their servers is completely secure. This also means that they are in constant competition with each other to try and persuade enterprise users to switch over to them with new and better security features. Recently Dropbox released a statement that Dropbox for Business subscribers will soon have access to enterprise mobile management feature. While last month, Box presented a new feature for companies that assists them with managing their sensitive information.

OwnCloud a Whole New Encryption System

On Tuesday, OwnCloud, a cloud service provider, released started implementing a whole new encryption system to help battle that very same problem. OwnCloud is an open-source and self-hosted platform that offers file, sync and share services. It is designed to be an alternative to services such as Dropbox and Box, with the purpose of giving companies full control of their data.

OwnCloud Comes with Encryption 2.0

With Encryption 2.0 anyone using the service will have the option to manage their encryption keys. Each company can adopt an individual encryption standard as per their requirements and create a server app that will fit those requirements.

例えば, if some vulnerability has been discovered in some encryption key, the user of the service simply has to select some other algorithm and key set, and they are all done. This means that they will no longer be using the vulnerable algorithm, and their data will not be at risk.

OwnCloud has stated that the new encryption technology is already available in OwnCloud 8.1 server, and it will be available for subscribers of Standard in Enterprise services in the next 30 日々. This new feature can be delivered as an app. This allows quick and easy integration in the already existing infrastructure.

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