Fake Tech Support Accounts Found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Fake Tech Support Accounts Found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest

It is not news that cyber crooks often use well-known online platforms to initiate their campaigns. From spreading malware, to developing ISIS account networks, it feels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have seen it all.

The last exploitation of beloved online services such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Quora explores fake tech support with the help of big industry names. The list of the exploited legitimate companies includes Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, and Comcast. 加えて, services like Outlook are also abused with the idea to appeal to as many users as possible.

You may wonder why cyber criminals exploit such brands to perform their campaigns. It has been proven that accounts on prominent websites increases credibility.

In the current case of fake tech support, the scam is initiated by tricking the potential victim into purchasing a product or a service in order to resolve a certain issue. The proposed solution usually is sold at a higher price.

The bigger the audience, the better chance for success.

It seems that scammers quite agree with that statement and thus, they continuеlly target communities like Facebook. Successfully sneaking a fake account as a legitimate one safeguards scammers that users’ searches will be directed to their pages.

Subsequently, professional communities end up being spammed by fake accounts.

Security researchers have researched the Web so that they expose the promoted fake tech support lines. Thanks to their research, it is now clear that many high-profile online communities have been exploited. Experts believe that the phony services endorse solutions to issues linked with emails, such as locked accounts and forgotten passwords.

The social networks are not the only targets. Researchers add Microsoft TechNet, Scribd, SlideShare, BackPage and Academia.edu to the abused companies list.

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