How to Remove from Your Computer

How to Remove from Your Computer is just another search engine classified by experts as a browser hijacker and adware due to its capabilities of changing your browser settings and displaying multiple unwanted ads on your screen and search results.


What Makes a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)? is not malicious in its nature. Changing your browser settings and default home page to its own is a common practice among many legitimate programs. The malicious part about is that it adds to your Windows Start Menu or even to random Windows shortcuts on your desktop.

Once installed, the browser hijacker will alter the settings of your default browser, and your home page will be replaced with that of It will also start displaying various advertisements and sponsored links in your search results, meaning that these search results may be manipulated. The content of these links is not endorsed by KeyFind and therefore it does not assume liability. By clicking on any of the links from the search results, you might be taken to an infected website which automatically exposes your PC at risk of being infected as well.

What is even more disturbing is that uses cookies to monitor your moves and actions online. It records that information and then sends it to third parties. After all, this is the main purpose of all browser hijackers – to gain revenue and increase page ranking of certain websites through the manipulated search results. That is all clearly stated in their Privacy Policy and the only way to protect your system is to remove simply from your PC.

How Does Find Its Way on Your PC?

As with most browser hijackers, finds its way on your PC in two ways – you either personally download it from its official website or it slips on your PC through another free program you download. The method through which adware is attached to freeware is called “bundling” and is often used by adware authors.

The reason behind is that the bundling option is mentioned through the installation process of the freeware, but users rarely pay attention to such details. They bluntly accept the “next” steps without reading what they are really accepting. In other words, adware creators and advertising agencies take advantage of your negligence and impatience to finish up installing a particular free program.

In order to stay safe when installing anything from the Web, you must always disallow the recommended installation settings and choose the “advanced” or “custom” ones instead.

How Do You Remove from Your PC?

Remove either by finding a trustworthy anti-malware program that will delete the threat permanently.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information.

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