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04:43 pm
13 June 2024

HavocCrypt Ransomware Removal Guide


HavocCrypt ransomware is a new malware that is an independent creation and not part of a malware family, our removal guide will give you more information about it. By reading our article you will learn how to remove infections from your computer and protect them in the future.

About The HavocCrypt Ransomware

The HavocCrypt Ransomware is a newly identified malware that has been created by the virus developer under the alias of Royal Binarys. The virus is of unknown origin which means that most likely this is an independent creation and not a part of any of the famous malware families.

Upon infection of the host computer the virus follows the usual behavior patterns. It starts its built-in encryption engine which searches for a list of predefined file types and encrypts them using the AES cipher. The victims are then extorted for a ransomware payment to restore access to their files. At the moment we do not have the full list of target data. However we assume that features the most commonly used user files – photos, audio, videos, documents, backup images, databases, configuration files and etc.

All compromised files receive the .HavocCrypt extension. A ransomware note is created once the encryption process is complete and it displays the following message:

Havoc Ransomware MK II
You have fallen victim to Havoc ransomware, written by yours truely, BinaryEmperor.
All of your important files have been encrypted using an advanced & uncrackable encryption.
To retrieve your files, it is simple of course. But for a moderate fee.
A one time payment of $150 in Bitcoin will do.
Once you have paid the previously specified amount to the address, contact us by our email below.
Upon contact and payment confirmation, you will recieve a decryption key, to recover your files.
If the payment is not made within 48 hours [2 Days] your key will be lost forever.
Time left: 47:59:57
Shutting down, or closing of this application in any way, Will result in loss of your decryption key!
Our Bitcoin Address: 12KBNwBHV5Sx6w8z9tXbt2t9BWrZzCejXo Copy Address
Our email Address: [email protected] Copy Address
Your Victim ID: 6vA594VZd88SDpOwSQn9+dOCIowzwv/V8/nEQAl Copy ID
Paid the ransom?
Great! Lets get to decrypting your files. Enter your decryption key emailed to you below!
Decryption Key Here Decrypt My files Tries left: 5

The malware depends on the .NET Framework 4.5 to run.

How Does The HavocCrypt Ransomware Infect Computers

HavocCrypt Ransomware is distributed mainly via spam email messages and installers. Victims can get infected with the virus by following links or downloading attachments and files from malicious or hacked hosts.

Computer criminals are known to use various counterfeit apps and popular games to trick the users into downloading infected binaries. Other sources of infection include malicious ads and browser hijackers.

How To Remove The HavocCrypt Ransomware and Recover Affected Files

You can use a trusted anti-spyware solution to remove active infections and protect your computer .

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information/SpyHunter Uninstall Instructions

Restore Files Using Data Recovery tools. This method is suggested by multiple experts in the field. It can be used to scan your hard drive’s sectors and hence scramble the encrypted files anew as if they were deleted. Most ransomware viruses usually delete a file and create an encrypted copy to prevent such programs for restoring the files, but not all are this sophisticated. So you may have a chance of restoring some of your files with this method. Here are several data recovery programs which you can try and restore at least some of your files:

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