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04:41 am
02 June 2023

Hacking Team Brings Back Its Twitter Account

Hacking Team Brings Back Its Twitter Account

Hacking Team business is based in Milan, Italy, and provides lawful crossing products for offensive technology adaptive for mobile and desktop platforms. Its services are used on six continents by governments and law enforcement agencies that have a need for custom surveillance software. DaVinci is the name of the company’s Remote Control System, and it can break the encryption on emails, internet telephony protocols and files.

Summary of Hacking Actions

The company’s systems have recently been hacked by an obscure party. The pilfered information amounts to 400 GB, and the criminals leaked it via torrent sharing. All leaked information was published on Hacking Team’s Twitter profile as the account was hijacked. Now it seems that the company is handling its profile again as there is communication via this channel.

The start of the data leaking was on Sunday evening, and obviously no one from the company was aware of the activity. It seems that the account had been hacked for about 10 hours and during this time information from the stolen data cache was distributed.

Data Cache Is Filled with Viruses

The Hacking Team’s engineer, Christian Pozzi made an attempt to soften the disclosure and state that the hackers just try to spread untrue information about Hacking Team.

In a short time, other security experts stated that they agreed with Pozzi’s statement. Among them is John Adams, ex-operations and security guy at Twitter, and Matthew Green, a reputed cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University. They believe that the malware involved in the cache is developed by Hacking Team itself.

According to the social engineer @bcrypt’s communication with the company, cross-browser exploits that are currently being sold may be linked to the system’s infection.

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