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08:09 pm
17 July 2024

Google Chrome Protected Better Against Malicious Downloads

Google Chrome Protected Better Against Malicious Downloads

The developers of Google Chrome have announced that they are taking new measures towards the better protection of the browser against unwanted software. Chrome browser will soon include a new warning that will announce the dangerous websites and will further offer safer ads and cleaner search. Currently the Google web browser issues an alert when the user tries to download a file that is marked as malicious. The protection offered includes blocking of the download and asking the user for an explicit consent to store the risky item on the computer.

Alert – Big and Red

In addition to all that, Chrome will now display a large red warning sign before the page that is hosting the malicious downloads. This will be prior to its loading and will inform the user of the danger that lies ahead.

In this way the user will be informed that the web page might try to trick him into installing programs that will have a negative impact on one’s browsing including force adds, pop ups, change of the homepage, etc.

In this way the users have access to the website, yet it is more difficult for them to enter it, as the door to the website is below the details button. In this way the users can easily return to the previous page that is safer.

More Protection Measures

In their efforts to provide safer services, the developers of Google are also trying to improve the search component. Not many details about the changes are revealed now, yet according to Lucas Ballard, the Google software engineer, the new service will include signals which can identify the deceptive websites that one can otherwise visit through the search results.

This new protection measure adds to the policy of Google against the Unwanted Software, which was published in December 2014. The new requirements of that policy had to be accepted by the advertisers offering software downloads.

The application programming interface Safe Browsing API by Google introduced the warning for the suspicious websites and the blocking of the malicious downloads. According to Lucas Ballard, the owners of websites have to register them with Google Webmaster Tools, so that can be updated with the latest security findings offered by the company. In that way the websites can be verified for malicious programs and the administrator can receive a notification in case of infection, as well as tips on how to solve the problem.

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