Chrome Redirect Virus’ Permanent Removal

Chrome Redirect Virus’ Permanent Removal

Chrome Redirect Virus is a threat that affects Google Chrome browser. Upon installation, Chrome Redirect Virus modifies the current browser settings on the affected computer and initiates unwanted redirects to suspicious web pages as the users surf online.


Linking users to third-party websites is a typical strategy employed by software developers to increase the web traffic of certain pages and eventually generate pay-per-click profit. Experts associate unwanted redirects with potentially unsafe web locations and malware infiltration. The immediate removal of Chrome Redirect Virus with a trusted anti-malware solution is recommended.

How Is Chrome Redirect Virus Distributed?

The most common technique used to deliver Chrome Redirect Virus to the user’s PC is via bundled downloads of free software. Users often neglect the installation process and click on the Next button until it is finished.

Malheureusement, additional programs and applications are not adequately disclosed, and the only way to spot them is by opting for custom installation.

Other distribution techniques include drive-by-downloads and visiting corrupted web pages.

How Does Chrome Redirect Virus Affect Your System?

Une fois installé, Chrome Redirect Virus is known to modify various settings in the Google Chrome web browser, redirecting the user to potentially unsafe web pages. The threat is activated every time Google Chrome is launched; manipulating the user’s searches and displaying manipulated search results.

The websites the user lands on are not considered safe and may lead to malware infiltration and numerous security issues on the affected machine.

Browser redirects are capable of collecting different information about the user’s browsing habits and searches, and share with third-party advertisers for marketing purposes.

Remove Chrome Redirect Virus Permanently

Browser hijackers may not be malicious by nature, but the threats associated with the promoted third-party websites may pose serious security risks to your machine. Malware experts recommend the use of a competent anti-malware tool for the removal of Chrome Redirect Virus from the compromised computer.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information.

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