Remove StartGo123 Redirect from Your Browser

You have probably landed on this page because you have been annoyed by continuous pop-up ads that are seemingly impossible to be closed, or your browser home page has been changed without your consent, or you have been redirected to unwanted pages. Tatsächlich, that’s what all browser redirect softwares do once they infiltrate your system, but in this article we’ll discuss in particular. is not particularly dangerous, but it tends to distract and annoy users, and make their systems vulnerable to various online viruses and threats.

Read further to see how you can remove it safely and completely.

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How Did StartGo123 Enter Your Computer?

Startgo123 infiltrates your system like most browser redirects do – via freeware. Freeware includes all programs, tools, add-ons out there that are available for a free download.

Since the creators of the free programs need to get paid after all, they insert various software components that enter your system while you think you are downloading only the free program. Such unwanted components then are capable of generating revenue for third parties via the Pay-Per-Click method. To avoid letting unwanted programs enter you computer, be extra cautious during the installation process of the freeware. Uncheck all previously selected boxes such as “recommended settings”, beispielsweise. Choose only the “custom” option and that is how you’ll not end up with various unwanted pieces of software, some of which may be malicious too.

Is StartGo123 Dangerous?

Startgo123 redirect is not particularly malicious. Jedoch, it may act intrusive at times:

  • It is capable of changing your browser home page without permission and it’s compatible with most browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer
  • It may start displaying multiple pop-up advertisements that you cannot close as they keep showing up

Außerdem, Startgo123 is of no value to your browsing needs as it does not even have its own database. If you try to search something via that browser hijacker, it will redirect you to Google. Why would you ever need it then?

What’s worse, jedoch, is that Startgo123 is not HTTPs encrypted while all trustworthy search engines are. A non-encrypted connection is vulnerable against attacks and malicious components can easily gain access to your system via such search engine.

Infolge, hackers and advertisers can watch your online behavior, collect your data, steal your sensitive information, hack your system, etc.

How to Remove Startgo123 Redirect from Your Computer

Removing a program that is of no use to you is a must. As explained above, it does not only not bring value to you, but it also makes your computer vulnerable to cyber threats and on top – it acts intrusive and may annoy you with unwanted redirects and constant pop-ups.

Removing Startgo123 redirect manually from your system is possible to do, but if you are not certain how to do it, it’s best to use a reliable anti-malware tool for that purpose. Problem is, if you don’t manage to remove it completely, it may continue displaying unwanted pop-ups. Such programs are quite resistant and hard to remove by those who are not tech-savvy, while the anti-malware tool will scan your whole system, detect all malicious components and remove them instantly and completely.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information / SpyHunter Uninstall Instructions