How to Remove Oxy Torrent from Your PC

How to Remove Oxy Torrent from Your PC

Developed by Excolade Solutions LTD, Oxy Torrent is a built-in torrent program for the Oxy Browser, and has been identified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to the way it installs itself on users’ PCs and the annoying pop-up ads it displays.


How Does Oxy Torrent Infiltrate Your Computer?

Oxy Torrent is not harmful by its nature; however it’s known as a low-quality application developed by Escolade Solutions LTD which is a company known for creating and distributing several other PUPs. The PUP has a potential of downloading malicious files to your PC, thus exposing it to various threats.

Oxy Torrent enters your system when you install Oxy Browser. Tatsächlich, Oxy Browser may install few other programs such as Chromium (an open source browser which Google Chrome uses for its source code), Oxy Sharer, AdBlock, PileFile Torrent Search, und vieles mehr. All these features may not be malicious and may look secure, but you should not forget that there is always a risk when downloading torrent files. If these files do not really seem helpful to you, remove them.

Oxy Torrent may enter your PC via bundled deals when downloading freeware from the Web. Whether you want it or not, Oxy Torrent may slip into your PC if you do not pay attention to the installation process of your chosen program. The only way, to secure yourself against any PUP, is watching closely what you are agreeing to when installing a program instead of blindly clicking on “next.” If you only disallow the recommended or default installation settings and choose “custom” or “advanced” instead, you guarantee yourself that peace of mind.

What Is the Purpose of Oxy Torrent?

The main purpose behind Oxy Torrent is to generate traffic and advertising revenue for affiliate advertising agencies. Wenn in Ihrem System, Oxy Torrent may insert in-text ads, banners, and pop-ups into websites that normally do not contain these types of ads. It may also redirect you to unsafe or infected websites that put your system at risk.

Oxy Torrent is also known to track and record your browsing routine and personal information and then share it with these affiliate advertising agencies for the same purpose – to boost revenue.

Should You Remove Oxy Torrent from Your PC?

Removing Oxy Torrent is the safest option for you regardless of its positive features.
You can uninstall Oxy Browser manually, but you still have an option to use a proper anti-malware tool to finish that job for you.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information.