How to Remove NationZoom from Your PC?

How to Remove NationZoom from Your PC?

NationZoom is a search engine categorized as adware, and thus a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Despite its features that supposedly enhance the users’ browsing experience, security experts recommend removing it from your system.


Why Is NationZoom Considered a PUP?

NationZoom can be installed either manually through its official website or via bundling with other popular freeware users often download. The bundling is a legal method of distributing PUPs because it’s perfectly regulated via their Privacy Policies. Tatsächlich, you are given an option to opt-out of the bundling during the installation process of the chosen freeware.

The problem is that this option is enabled within the recommended installation settings which you usually bluntly accept and continue to “next.” Thus, in order to be secured against PUPs, you must always disallow the default settings and choose the “advanced” or “custom” options instead.

Once it lands on your PC, NationZoom is capable of and will change your browser settings and will replace your default home page with its own.

Als Nächstes, it is capable of and will track your surfing activities via cookies and other tracking technology. This activity is also neatly stated in the Privacy Policy so you can’t do anything about it as long as you have NationZoom in your system. The adware will also collect the data related to your searching activities and needs, and could send it to third parties.

Außerdem, the PUP could start displaying irritating pop-up ads that would not only disturb your browsing routine, but could also expose your PC to outer threats from the Web. So, by clicking on any of those ads, you may be redirected to potentially malicious websites that could infect your system as well.

How to Remove NationZoom?

You should know by now that although NationZoom is not a threat by itself, it does expose your PC to potential risks such as hackers’ attacks and viruses. Außerdem, we are certain that you wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that this browser add-on is tracking your browsing habits and recording your personal information such as emails, Benutzernamen, Passwörter, searches, IP addresses, etc. and then sharing that data with third parties.

Considering the above, our experts recommend NationZoom’s removal the moment you realize you have it in your system. This way you will ensure your peace of mind and protect your PC from possible threats.

You can remove NationZoom manually or by using a legitimate anti-adware tool for the purpose.

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