Remove Safely

Remove Safely is a search engine categorized by security experts as a browser hijacker due to its capabilities to change your default browser settings without permission. Its immediate removal is then recommended.
Features of is a search engine which is not capable of generating search results on its own. It rather uses a version of Yahoo! and supports commercial ads. As with most browser hijackers, is compatible with the most popular browsers – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Én gang i dit system, this browser hijacker will alter your default browser settings and will start displaying annoying pop-ups every time you browse the Web.

These pop-up ads are, dog, linked to websites that have not been verified by, and by clicking them, you risk being redirected to potentially infected webpages. That could hide high risks for your PC because it becomes vulnerable to various infections from the Web. could also monitor and record your online behavior along with other personal data, and then share it with third parties for monetizing purposes.

As a typical browser hijacker, infiltrates your system bundled with freeware you download from the Web. Og, although you are given the option to disagree and decline the bundling, you often miss doing so as this option is usually presented in an unclear way.

Naturligvis, paying attention while installing free programs on your computer is a must. Make sure always to decline the default settings and choose the custom ones instead. This way you know you are getting only the program you choose.

How to Remove

As has no significant value for your browsing experience, and could rather cause you trouble, we advise you to remove it. If you do not feel confident to do it by yourself, simply find a legitimate anti-virus program to uninstall it successfully.

The free version of SpyHunter will only scan your computer to detect any possible threats. To remove them permanently from your computer, purchase its full version. Spy Hunter malware removal tool additional information.

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