Caution: “Optional” Windows Patch KB 2876229 Hijacks Your Browser

Caution: “Optional” Windows Patch KB 2876229 Hijacks Your Browser

The new “optional” Windows patch is capable of hijacking your browser.

As with anything you download from the Web, you must always pay close attention to the installation process of even an innocent update, and even if it comes from Windows. Or else – you may end up with a hijacked browser.

That’s likely to happen if you install the “optional” KB 2876229 patch, also identified as “Skype Windows desktop 7.0 (KB2876229)” released on Tuesday. Apparently, this patch is unchecked and is offered to systems that don’t even have Skype installed.

The sole purpose of a patch is to update a computer program in order to fix its vulnerabilities, get rid of bugs, and improve its overall performance.

With the KB 2876229 patch, however, this is not the case. Instead of updating your Windows, you will receive a Windows-based Skype. Not a Windows patch. And, if you are not careful enough, it will make MSN your home page, and Bing – your search engine.

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