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06:05 am
20 July 2024

Adware.Freeven Removal Guide Steps [Free Uninstall]

This is a post, created to explain what is Adware.Freeven how you can effectively remove it from your computer.

Adware.Freeven a browser hijacker that takes over your web browser and begins to create multiple different settings and sites to automatically pop-up on your browser. The hijacker, also known as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) may not only display Adware.Freeven pages, but may also redirect you to various sites of third-party origin. Since some of those sites appearing on the ads may be scamming, malicious and may lead to even more adware(or worse), it is strongly advisable that you read this removal article for Adware.Freeven browser hijacker.

Threat Name Adware.Freeven
Category Adware/PUP/Browser Hijacker.
Main Activity Slithers onto your computer and heavily modifies your web browser settings to cause advertisements and collect data. Mostly displays browser redirects to Adware.Freeven pages. They may ask you to accept Push Notifications.
Signs of Presence Multiple third-party advertisements as well as a slow down in computer performance.
Spread Via software bundling.
Detection+Removal For Windows:

For Mac:

What Does Adware.Freeven Do to Your PC?

Adware.Freeven is a search engine mainly used to hijack personal information from users for advertising revenue.

It is compatible with the most commonly used browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Upon installation, it is likely that it will alter your browser settings and change your default home page to its own.

Experts warn that the search results Adware.Freeven performs may be manipulated, which hides various risks for your system. The search results may be unverified and malicious websites, and by clicking on any of them, you could expose your PC to different threats.

Adware.Freeven is also capable of annoying you as it will start displaying advertisements and sponsored links in your search results and could disturb your browsing habits. And, by clicking on any of those ads, you expose your PC at risk again.

The worst part about this browser hijacker is that it uses tracking technology to monitor your browsing behavior and record that information along with other personal information such as usernames, emails, etc. This data may then be sold to third parties that are usually advertising agencies aiming to improve their targeting and display custom ads in accordance with your searches.

How Does Adware.Freeven Enter Your PC?

Adware.Freeven enters your PC bundled with freeware you download. That is why you must always pay attention when installing any software because the bundling is not illegal. It is mentioned throughout the installation process, and you are given the option to opt out of it.

Bundling is a popular method used by the creators of adware and malicious software because they are aware that users rarely read everything throughout the installation.

They intentionally create “recommended” installation settings with the bundling included. Therefore, in order to be safe, simply disallow the recommended settings and choose the “advanced” or “custom” option instead.

How to Get Rid of Adware.Freeven?

In case you already have Adware.Freeven on your PC, worry not. There is an easy way to remove it. Follow the instructions below to install a trustworthy anti-malware program that will take care of it.

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