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10 June 2023

Is AdSupply Dangerous and Should You Remove It

Is AdSupply Dangerous and Should You Remove It

AdSupply is a legitimate website enabling clients to create bigger and better online advertisements. Some users, しかしながら, have complained they keep getting pop-up ads powered by AdSupply on every website they open without ever visiting or using マルウェア研究者, therefore, consider AdSupply a PUP (potentially unwanted program) as it is capable of infiltrating the users’ computer without their consent.


AdSupply Description

AdSupply claims to enable advertisers to create more appealing online advertising banners that will better engage the audience and will provide more detailed reporting. 一方, publishers are promised to benefit from more reliable payments, boosted site revenue and global presence.

As much as this service seems useful, some users complain they keep getting annoying pop-up ads powered by AdSupply without ever using its services.

It appears then that AdSupply is also an ad-supported program and a PUP as it does exhibit some malicious traits.

It may enter your computer without your consent as it may be bundled with freeware you download from the Web. Once inside the system, it may start displaying multiple pop-ups while you are browsing. You will not be able to close these pop-ups but clicking them may redirect you to unwanted and infected websites.

加えて, AdSupply may monitor your browsing habits and collect your personal information in order to provide it to third parties (sponsoring advertisers).

In short, AdSupply is not malicious by nature. しかしながら, it may expose your system to outer threats and may share your sensitive data with interested third parties.

How Does AdSupply Enter Your PC without Your Consent

If you have not visited its official website and still receive pop-up ads by AdSupply that means it has entered your system bundled with freeware you have previously downloaded. Freeware is often bundled with various programs, even malicious ones. That is why you must always uncheck the bundling option and all features and settings you are not aware of. Make sure you also aim for custom installation and avoid accepting the “recommended” one.

What to Do If You Already Have AdSupply Installed

If you have personally installed AdSupply, find it useful and have no complaints so far, you may sure continue to use it. もし, しかしながら, it has entered uninvited and is interrupting your browsing routine in any way, we suggest that you remove it. As mentioned above, clicking accidently on any of these pop-ups may redirect you to a compromised website that will further infect your system with serious threats.

In order to remove it properly, しかしながら, you must use a legitimate anti-malware tool that will scan your system, remove all threats permanently and continue to protect your PC from future infections.

SpyHunterの無料版のみすべての可能な脅威を検出するためにコンピュータをスキャンします. お使いのコンピュータから完全に削除するには, そのフルバージョンを購入. スパイハンターマルウェア除去ツールの追加情報.

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