Issue with KB3020114 on MS Windows 10 Build 9879 Anounced by Testers but Not by MS

Issue with KB3020114 on MS Windows 10 Build 9879 Anounced by Testers but Not by MS

In an attempt to fix a problem, causing errors, bugs and crashes in Explorer.exe on 2nd December this year Microsoft released a Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Built Patch 9879. In the period of mere minutes, the installation reports reached astonishing rates showing 80070005В error. In some cases, the patch was simply falling to install as well, without notifying the users whatsoever. Two weeks later, still looking like a problem – affecting 12% of the users which installed it – it was replaced by another one – KB 3025096.

After the day the buggy patch (9879) appeared into the Windows Automatic Update Slide, a quite long workaround of the problem appeared in Microsoft Answer Forums. The fix consisted of de-installing and reinstalling several patches and was presented from poster Kazuhiro Matsuda.

Next day, 4th December, Windows spokesman Gabe Aul posted a much simple decision for the problem and tweeted about it from his official Windows twitter account @GabeAul.

Later on, it appeared, however, that the problem is not described in Microsoft’s official page at all. Usually, the company notifies its users for such, but this time nothing was written on the subject. People from the technical world, following Aul in Twitter or those looking into Microsoft forums have known about the problem, but the common users were not aware what is happening at all.

At last, Microsoft released an official fix to the buggy patch. The chances KB 3025096 is going to repair the issue are quite good. If you’ve run Windows updated during the night you probably have it already installed on your machine. The computers that are working with compressed system will not automatically install the update though. They need to install 3025096 patch instead.

As a bonus Microsoft finally updated their website with a description of the problem as well. This was the final step in the vicious circle started on December, 2nd.
Errors like this are not something rare in the technical world. The worrying thing here is that Microsoft have kept their users in the dark for almost 20 days. Altogether with developing and selling upgraded and new products they should take care for their existing users’ support that seems not to be their top priority at the moment.

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