100 Activation Tools for Windows 10 Redirect to Risky Sites

100 Activation Tools for Windows 10 Redirect to Risky Sites

The abundant information on Windows 10 online, followed by a release of a Technical Preview, activated the cyber criminals to start offering fake activation tools. These false tools lead to various online surveys, potentially unwanted applications and various other risks including dodgy online spots.
In addition, YouTube was recently flooded with videos pretending to inform users on how Windows can be permanently activated.

Gamer Edition of Windows 10 Found

When a user is searching for Windows 10 activation on the video sharing platform of Google, he will encounter several entries that have one purpose only – to bring the visitors to suspicious websites that either redirect them to risky spots or contain potentially unwanted applications for download.
The scam set of the cyber criminals also includes direction to different programs, online surveys and editions that do not exist such as Windows 10 Gamer Edition. That affiliate marketing scam allowing more traffic to be driven to certain websites is quite common, and the users can end up installing programs provoking the download and installation of other programs.
In that situation, the cyber criminals gain money for every installation made.

Microsoft Offers Product Key. No Activation Tools Are Required

The cyber criminals promote various IS activators, asking for an email address where they deliver a program hosted in a website for file share. The PC users should know that Windows 10 does not require activation keys.
Windows 10 is part of the Microsoft’s testing stage for the operating system and is addressed to professionals that want to have early information about the product. Microsoft offers the users ISO for the installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview, both 32 and 64-bit, and also an activation product key. The consumer version is planned for the coming months.

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